Skylight illuminating closed rooms

I have a level which is a mix of indoor and outdoor. The outdoors has a skylight object to help fill in the shadows. Unfortunately, the skylight is also illuminating interior rooms which have no visibility to the outside. Is there a way to fix this?

You could trigger when your character go indoor and change the skylight intensity. Is performance costly if you do it very often. No problem in your case i think

You could also use post process volumes with an ambient cubemap -> then you can use the “skylight” in specific areas :slight_smile:

It’s a multiplayer level, so triggering the skylight is not really an option. Another complication is that the level is a collection of buildings which means there would be a lot of PP volumes required. The sloped roofs would also add to the difficulty of using a lot of volumes.

I am not an expert on multiplayer yet, but the triggering will affect the local player only and their local skylights (or do you need to replicate the skylight??).

About the volume placement, well yes, it depend on your level. If you have multiple similar buildings you could make a building BP which already have the volumes placed in order to not repeat the process.

Here you have the survival game by tomlooman .The game is multiplayer and have a Skylight managment depending on time of day.

Well, it looks like all you need to do is tick “Lower Hemisphere is black” in Skylight properties. This way it will assume there’s not light coming from below, and if your room has no opening to outside, it will remain unlit. Also, make sure to set Environment color to black in World properties, as that acts as a “global ambient” light.