Skylight affects some shadowed objects too much?

Hello! So I have a dynamic directional light as the main light in my environment, but shadows are too dark so I added a skylight to control and balance the look of my environment further and to freshen up the reflections.

I got things looking great and even using a day and night cycle with only dynamic lighting.

However, I have now been working on foliage for a while and noticed that my grass is super bright and almost looks unlit when shadowed by other objects, the landscape the grass sits on is shaded much darker. At first I thought maybe it was a drawback of the 2 sided foliage shader, but my trees also use the foliage shader and as you can see, the dark side of them look fine. You can see the dog head in my seen also has really bright self shadowing, yet is only a standard material with a diffuse and a normal map. I can’t figure out what’s causing the skylight to do this to some objects.

Any suggestions?