Skydome not updating with World Composition

I’ve got the Ultra Dynamic Sky pack from the market, i use world composition, and placed the Dynamic Sky BP inside the persistent level. During play, directional light and day night cycle variables are updated. However, the skybox/skydome always remains the same. I can only update the sky when not playing, while setting a different time of the day. I posted in the related forum topic of the addon, but nobody seems to know.

A fix i found is to place the DynamicSky BP inside a sub level. But i either need a sub level which is always loaded, since we connect many aspects of the game to the time of the day feature, and it would not be a solution to add to each sub level a Dynamic Sky, or i need to know how to make this work for persistent levels.

Is this a bug of world streaming (not updating persistent level skydome)?
Is there a way to have a sub level always loaded?