Skyboxes: Snags in the workflow

Hello, I’m coming from Unity and want to do a couple things with skyboxes, with questions arising:

  1. Does unreal have cylindrical/spherical cubemaps (either importing them or seeing them) or is it 6 squares only?

1.5 Do you guys know tools to convert from spherical textures to cubemaps? The various websites I’ve seen that offered that service seemed non-functionnal.

  1. Is there a way to put a skybox actually in the sky on the scene, or is it only on large modeled domes?

2.5 If you can put skybox in the actual sky, can they scroll (probably with some kind of material function) or it is static only?

  1. How can I tell Unreal if an image is a cubemap or not? It autoimports images as cubemap sometimes, but not always and I haven’t seen a button that switches it. How can you manually tell unreal to force an image to be a cubemap?

Thank you!

1: 6 squares and long-lat cubemap only, as those are the only 2 formats that are generally used, i have no idea what you mean by cylindrical cubemaps

1.5: It just works. No really, it will just take it automatically.

Screenshot 2021-07-01 142926

Plug in whatever texcube or longlat cubemap from a website, (ex: hdrihaven) you want. Set brightness to whatever looks correct, boom, instant sky.

2: Always has been a large modelled dome. Even on unity… I think.

2.5: And do lightning and stuff. The material graph has few limits.

3: It should automatically know.

Ah ha, the Reflection Vector was the missing ingredient, thanks!

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