Sky Lights

The documentation specifically lists a whole bunch of Limitations

These features for skylight do not appear to be listed on the roadmap currently atleast not as far as I could see unless they are worded differently

  • Is there a current estimate on when these missing features will get implemented ?
  • Could these get added to the roadmap for voting assuming they are not already covered?



Welcome to “Global Illumination” or “GI is really, really hard.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if it would be a while until this comes in. And for that matter Light Propagation Volumes with the right extensions will already handle the most important parts (Shadowing from the environement) of this. So I’d just go to the timeline and vote for that.

These are already done and in latest, but haven’t all made it into a release yet.

>Shadowing from the environment on movable objects and translucency
>Static version
>Sky light reflections don’t work properly with TLM_Surface lit translucency
>Sky lights don’t work on mobile platforms

This is in progress, but it is a very difficult problem and might not work out (the shadowing part of it specifically)

> Movable version

We haven’t updated the docs yet. I’ll pass along the request to get the rest on the roadmap.

Looks like the features are already on the roadmap, just with different names.

Movable versions -> dynamic sky occlusion
Soft shadowing from movable objects onto the environment -> area shadows for dynamic skinned characters