Sky/Atmosphere UI issue's in 4.24 : Terrible GUI and wonky

Hi Everyone.
I have a surface book first Gen, i5 with the GPU base and 8 gigs.

The ram isn’t limiting too much as long as I work on smallish projects… It does make painting in 3d on the road pretty sweet.
The unfortunate thing is that the is the lake on the Surface is the lack of a control key to use on the left. The stretch this creates is far too long to engage the the wonky arrow .
Is there another way or a better way to deal with this? As an artist it’s one of the worst GUIs for a tool I have ever scene.


Hello Mike,

I am not sure what you mean exactly. I’ll try to explain what I understood: you mention the sky so I guess you want to use the CTRL+L shortcut to move the atmospheric sun around? But this is not an appropriate shortcut for your keyboard? How does it look? Do you have a picture? Because only the CTRL key on the right should be needed, not the left one, unless there is something else I do not know.