Skirting board ... anyone?

I’ve started creating my house…created the floor and the walls…now i need to create the skirting boards (hope google translated correctly…).
Can someone explain step by step how to create those meshes? ( a little tutorial would be great!).
I was thinking something like extruding a 2d profile…but cannot find any tutorial …googled for hours!

Many thanks!!!

Hi Michelinok,

The method you suggest is a good start.

Here is a simple mesh that was made from a 2d image with faces extruded to get the detail. This is a rush piece and can be finalized more but to get the point across it should work. :slight_smile:

I simply took this image and extruded the faces to get the result I needed. I used planar mapping in 3Ds Max to grab faces and move them to the part of the texture I want to be on that face.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

uhm…i’ve imported the .fbx and applied the tga texure…but it looks to me just like a box with a painted skirting board…Or am i wrong? (maybe i’m not importing the rigth way?)

I need to create a mesh like this:

Creating a mesh like that shouldn’t be that hard either.

The mesh I used was an image I applied to a plane. I extruded the edges where there was different geometry based on the image. It was just a matter of connected edges and extruding where I needed to create the geometry.

You should be able to do the same to get the effect you want with the skirting. Mine was a more broad example. :slight_smile: