Skipping Over an Index if Weapon Has Not Been Picked Up Yet?

Hello! I have a multi-weapon system setup that is based on a tutorial from Ryan Laley on YouTube:

System in First Person Character BP

Function within FPC BP

I now need to go to the next step where if I have not yet picked up a certain weapon in the game, how exactly could I make it so it skips over the index with this setup? Do I have to add some sort of inventory system on top of this or is there a more simple way to add on this step here?

Say for example I only have the “Painkiller” and the “Shotgun” so far. How can I make it so all the other indexes don’t get selected or aren’t available until I pick up those weapons later on in the game?

I have attempted a couple of things like booleans stating if I have the weapon or not and had them in a few different locations, but that did not work. There must be a bit more to it than that, but I’m not exactly sure. Thank you!