SketchUp users, let's get together and create the ultimate SketchUp to UE4 workflow


I don’t know if there are people like me working with SketchUp but I’ll post this here anyway.

If you use SketchUp you probably already know how tedious is to have a working model in UE4.

With the Pro version you can export FBX directly but many times models don’t look good because of UV mapping problems or something like that and Blender is not compatible with ASCII FBX.

With Sketchup Make you can export with Collada but anyway you need to clean the model.

There is a plugin named SketchUV that works well but it hasn’t been updated for years.

And recently I discovered another plugin called BlendUp wich exports the model as a .blend file and it converts all faces to quads and n-gons removing almost 100% the need to clean your model, which is awesome.

Now I have to figure out the best way to have proper UV mapping.

I’d like to see SketchUp users sharing your experience to see if together we can develop a set of highly effective workflows.


Good guide on Youtube.

If I were you I would learn Blender. You can do everything in it. it has 6,1 ASCII FBX and 7,4 binary FBX. 7,4 works fine.

Thank you, those videos are really helpful.

SketchUp and Blender are very different tools with different purposes, keep in mind that SketchUp is mainly a CAD program like AutoCAD or Revit.

It also is several levels of magnitud easier to learn and much faster for certain tasks like architecture or props.

You have access to hundreds of thousands of models to download for free from the 3D Warehouse.

And they have a Youtube channel and release great instructional videos like these: New to SketchUp? - YouTube

Here in the UE forum perhaps a year ago, a project was posted and they worked with sketchup pro and showed off workflow and breakdown, was amazing.
There where massive info shared about UV probs and other stuff, but i can not find it again, perhaps someone else?

I’m just waiting for the PlayUp plugin to export Sketchup>UE. I don’t think if will solve all our problems, but I hope it helps.

Hi All,

i’m new to this. I’m trying to build a model in Sketchup, using SketchUV. I’m importing about 15 meshes from the same Sketchup model to the same Level in unreal. I’m almost done. Then, i make a small mod, try to re-import a mesh and i get the UV overlapping error. It seems to come and go depending on how many copies of a single sketchup component i’m exporting - anyone seen this ? (ie single component loads and no issues building, export 2 copies and i get overlapping errors.


Looks like BlendUp is gone… all links to any websites return a 404 error. They wanted to charge for a beta, anyway…