Sketchup To Unreal

When i import something from sketchup to unreal it always either to big or to small and always break into several chunks even though i locked the components is this normal or do i need to do something else?

What format do you use to export from SketchUp? Do you set export dimensions to cm’s? Also, do all the components have their axis origin set at 0,0,0? If you don’t prefer to do that: You could combine all of them into one main component with it axis set at 0,0,0

i used inch for sketchup and how to set your model at 0,0?

export as cm’s because its Unreals unit.
In Sketchup: right click on a component, choose change axis - set them all (for every component) at the same position for instance the origin of the red, blue, green axis

so i set the whole locked component or i set the every little component?

You only have to set the ones in the top hierarchy. The one(s) that is (/are) wrapping the little ones. If you still have trouble, maybe post the skp file?