Sketchup project to Unreal Engine 4

I want create a visualization-presentation for client in Unreal Engine 4 and first i creat a modul in sketchup and export it fbx and import in UE4 it’s okey. but now i have problem when i want preview this. I want walk on my modul but i flyyy the skyyy how i can fix this ?

Did you physically bring it into the sketchup program and ? Then delete and extra things like the man model. Then export from there

I export my project to fbx and import it to and i have this error. I try it in empty project and this problet exist.? Can i send You this sketchup project?

It’s a collision issue. When you import complex model, a building, two facing walls or sth with epty volume inside, UE sees it as a solid mass and don’t let you in. When you go to Mesh editor you can check how the collision box looks like. Under the collision tab you could click ‘remove collision’ and you will be able to enter the model in game mode, but you will walk thru walls. For me it worked to choose an Auto Convex Collision with maxed Max Hulls and Max Hulls Verts in Convex Decoposition under the details panel. I don’t know is that the best solution cause I see the collision is unnecesarilly complex. I think now the best way is to set Collision Complexity to ‘Use Complex Collision as Simple’ in Static Mesh Editor, Static Mesh Settings in Details. That work for me, at least in case of a small hotel room. I learn UE about a week or two so it also may not be the best way to accomplish that. If someone know what it the best sollution please share. Hope i helped, cheers!

Really Thanks ; ) for this moments its work well
Thanks Dybilas!