Skeletons imported from Blender act wierd


I made and rigged quite simple character in Blender and exported it to UE4 as a skeletal mesh. I don’t have any animations yet, because my main goal for now is to make a good ragdoll. But when I simulate the physics asset, it just kinda bunches together and jumps around like crazy, even when I disable collision. I tryed to delet all the bone collisions except for lower body and upper body, and when I started simulation, the upper body just got ejected straight up for like 100 meters and it stayed there rigidly attached to the lower body. All the constraint settings were left on default, but tweeking them didn’t help at all.

And also, when I check the skeleton in Persona an I try to rotate bones, they rotate about 100 times slower than they should. For example, if I rotate the bone for 90 degrees, the actual bone will rotate for less than 1 degree.

I think this has to do with the importing from Blender. I made more meshes in Blender that were much simpler to test things more easily, but zhe results were very similar.

If you have any idea of what could posibly be wrong, please share them with me.

Thank you.