Skeleton Change After Import?

This is probably my own fault when I started moving assets in I made a skeleton for each actor you could say. The skeletons are the exact same across all actors and all imported animations. However In UE4 they are named for each actor. I know I was reading about re-targeting and re-use and you could add to skeleton as long as skeleton was the same etc. I can not seem to be able to find it now and figured it would not matter at the time. Now I want to start to combine and re-use animations and not have to re-import them each time under that skeleton name. The issue is have is all are assets moved in now and its all modular. So if I have to delete and re-import everything based on one skeleton, that’s gonna take some time :frowning: follow me.

Is there a way to take the skeleton file and re-combine them and make them all use the same skeleton file


I see in the animation file itself the skeleton its assigned to but its greyed out can, can I activate this field somehow? So I could just create a copy and tell it which skeleton to use?

I am just looking for alternatives to re-importing everything and I thought as long as you used the same skeleton you could inter-use them. Maybe I am just brain fried, appreciate the help in advance.

On a test I deleted a skeleton - when accessing another mesh that used that skeleton, it did ask to remap to a different skeleton.

I am hesitant to do this without some confirmation though, being that if I am wrong its a lot of work to recover etc. So looking for some experienced feedback, especially concerned with how darn touchy the editor and editing assets in it can be. Crashes a lot with asset re-works.