Skeletal Mesh Weapons Toggling causes strange scale problem!

Hey there. I’ve spent quite a long time trying to figure this problem out on my own, as well as searching these forms and the interwebs for a possible solution (or even someone having the same problem) for a couple of weeks now with no success. I have finally come to the realization that I need to post an S.O.S. before I drive myself crazy!

So here’s my problem…

I have recently been trying to set up a blueprint network that would allow my character to carry two weapons…one active and one stowed…and be able to toggle between both weapons. I have actually succeeded in creating that process. However, there is some sort of messed up scale issue going on with the weapons when I toggle them. They start out at the correct size on screen, but as I toggle between them, the start to shrink…smaller and smaller…until you can no longer see them! They are there, and they are attached to the correct sockets and all that. But as soon as I start to toggle them…the incredible shrinking weapons show begins. Arrrgh!!!

Does anyone out there know what I am talking about? Have you seen this happen before? And if so, did you find a solution? I will attach some screenshots of the toggle BPs, as well as pics of what is happening on-screen with the weapons. I could really use some help figuring this out. Thanks!

Hi Malcomfett,

Please post this question to the Answer Hub: and include a link back to this post. (You’ll either get an answer how to fix or if not, it will be reported as a bug that needs to be fixed in the engine for the next build.) -thanks!

Thanks for the heads up!

Forgot to post the shrinking pics before. Just uploaded them now.

Note that when you Snap To a socket, the snapped object inherits the TRANSFORM of the socket.

This means it takes its location, rotation, AND SCALE.

I would guess your skeletal mesh has been scaled up/down on export for use in UE4? If that’s the case (or really if you exported with scaled bones at all), the sockets themselves are scaled. So when you change the snapping of the weapon at runtime, you change the scale.

This can happen any time you apply transforms in this way. My advice, at least for now, is to apply immediately AFTER you change the socket snap a “Set Scale” node for the weapon set to “1,1,1” which will reset the size. I do this for grabbing attacks (which snap an enemy to the player’s hand) since my character uses scaled bones; my problem was the reverse (objects expanded to ludicrous size) but it fixed it.

Thanks a bunch!!! I will try that out and see how it goes. In the future I think I will take what you said about scaling the imported skeletal mesh and make sure that the original mesh is pre-scaled in Maya. You rock! :slight_smile:

The “Set Scale” is working like a charm. Thanks again!