Skeletal mesh to destructible? shooting off limbs?

im working on a lawn gnome smashing game. i want the gnomes to be able to run around the map but i also want to make them shatter like a destructible mesh when struck. is there a way to pull this off? perhaps a way to convert a skeletal mesh to destructible? or can a destructible mesh also have a rig?

Not sure you found a solution to this, but i would swap out the skeletal mesh with a destructable mesh and shatter it by applying force. So that it’s not the skeletal mesh that shatters, but the destructable mesh, which ofc has to be a dublicate of the Skeletal mesh. If you need to shoot individual limbs off, you can either check where it was hit, break off the bone, and depending on how detailed you want to go with this, spawn in/show a hidden stumb mesh part and set the detached part to simulate physics (which by itself also could be substituted by a stump part. Again, depends on how detailed you wanna go with this.

I can recommend checking some tutorials on youtube on the topic, and then decide how detailed you wanna go.