Skeletal mesh to bright in some places but looking good in others

Does the material for your spider have any emissive properties?

This time another lightning issue is causing headache to me.
I have a skeletal mesh whos lightning that looks very good in some areas of the map but on others it’s to bright.
The spider is the exact same mesh dragged across my level and screenshotted in different places.
I put a static mesh beside it to get a comparison, but the static mesh looks good. Both rat and snake are sitting next to each other.

I have learned that I need a physical asset to my skeletal mesh. I think have set this up correctly. It is displayed in the last screenshot.

Here are some screenshots to explain my trouble.

Does anyone have a clue what I did wrong?



This is the material. No, there is no emissive color settings.
What begs me most, is that it’s ok in other areas of the level where no torches are present.

Maybe the solution needs to be find in the lightning settings of my torches.

I found the issue myself. It was the Base Color node.
After adding a multiply node with a 0.2 factor to the base color node everythign was fine.

I am still quite disapointed because I am using Substance Painter/Designer and none of the textures I created ever came out as previewed in the editor. :frowning:

Anyway. Here is my setup which resolved the issue.