Skeletal Mesh Physics Rolls Away after Spawn

I spawn a sword skeletal mesh at a target point and it falls to the ground as it should however if I bump it it just rolls and keeps on rolling away.

I’ve adjusted the physics like set mass in kg to a large number and it doesn’t do anything. I went into the physics asset and tested via simulate there and even after setting mass to 20000 kg when it hits the ground it just keeps on rolling away. I adjusted the capsule to encompass the whole sword.

Was wondering if its because its a capsule primitive but can’t change to a box in any case. Ideas?

change it to a box

How, as I mentioned above I cannot change it, the array elements is zero and I cannot select it. I can only select the capsule

You need to open the physics asset and change the body in there to a box.

umm where in the physics asset do I remove capsule and add box? I cannot click on anything nor can I see anything in the menu drop downs?


You right click the body to the upper left in the hiarerchy window, there’s a menu with some stuff, there should be a Box type collision there. After you’ve added a box you can delete the capsule.