skeletal mesh import weird bone/mesh deformations

Good morning everyone,

I have a problem that I have been trying to figure out the past week. I was not able to find an answer on the web.

Please take a look at the following pictures:

As you can see I am unable to get the first person arms skeletal mesh working the way it should. Somehow it has some weird deformations around the hands. The bones are weighted automatically and work the way they should in blender. I have also tried importing this model into 3ds Max (2012) and Unity and it works fine there. But exporting it again from 3ds Max to unreal 4 also gives the same weird deformations.

I have tried multiple different export and import settings but I have not been able to fix this. Has anyone ever experienced the same problem and / or know a solution for this, it would be very much appreciated =]

Hello, this may be irrelevant but have you tried seeing what animations are like with it?

It may not be the case, but maybe with animations on it, that may make it so that it can
return to the intended position that you want it at.

You could also check the re-targeting setting s on the skeleton and make sure
that none of the joints are set to animation and that they’re set to skeleton.

Other then that I’m not sure what else I could suggest.
If that doesn’t work then I wish you luck in trying to fix it.