Skeletal mesh (created by blender) disappears on play

The problem:
The skeletal mesh seems to work fine; I can set it to a skeletal mesh component, and it appears in the viewport correctly. The animations also play correctly in animation mode.
Then I press play (in selected viewport or simulation, doesn’t matter) and the mesh disappears. The Pawn is still there, but without mesh.
The problem appeared when I changed the static mesh component to a skeletal mesh component. The static mesh worked fine.

The only warning I’m getting after the import is that a mesh has no UV set, and a default set has been created.
I tried increasing the bounds scale of the skeletal mesh component to various values; no effect.
I read that the physics asset might be to blame, but it is automatically generated, and changing it to a simpler model doesn’t work either.

Below the import settings, and a PhAT screenshot.

You just place the skeletal mesh into your scene or do you use it as a character? :slight_smile:
-do you use an animation bp?
-what happens when you just place the anim bp?
-do you use a collision capsule in your character bp?

Sorry for the late reply; I have been ill for a couple of days.
(1) The skeletal mesh is set using the editor on a skeletal mesh component that is part of a pawn.
(2 & 3) Though I’ve got a couple of animations imported along the skeleton, I don’t use an animation bp (is that the problem?)
(4) I do use a capsule, see the screenshot for the structure of my pawn:
Extra information: the editor cannot remember that I’ve set the skeletal mesh to the skeletal mesh component. When I reload the project it’s been unset.

The thing with the anim bp could be the problem -> create one and in the anim graph add a state - in the state add another state - in the other state add 1 animation. Now check if the character still disappears :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help, .

You pointed me in the exactly right direction. I didn’t have an anim BP, nor a pawn bp. (Was instead using the C++ class).
All is fixed now! Skeletal Mesh is showing, and the animation is playing.

Thanks again!