Skeletal mesh combined with alembic and camera, I need help to start !

Beginer here…
I have a machine tool animation to play and control with Unreal. This a story like animation so i only need to go forward, point A to point B to Point C etc.

The machine is imported as a FBX skeletal mesh (objects in bones) where each sequence animation are imported from the DCC as separate animations.
In this animation i have a special mesh needed to be an alembic point cached file placed in the skeletal hierarchy…
In between each sequence animation i need to move the view camera to see a different point of view, just like a Movie.

I’ve already done some basic jobs in Unreal, basic blueprints but not so much with controling Fbx animations combining mesh and moving cameras.

What would be the overview of the technical ground of an animation setup like this ? can i do that all in a single blueprint ?

What would be for you the best “tutorial” similar to this setup ?

Thanks you for you help.