Skateboard questions (sockets)

Hello there.

So to start things off i am not a complete newbie to UE4 but i do not have experience working with skeletal meshes in Unreal and this is where i have a problem that i cant seem to solve, i want to have for the time being the Unreal mannequin riding a skateboard.

I have a skateboard skeletal mesh that is somewhat rigged, it can bend, the wheels turn etc, now is this my first problem should i just have the skateboard as a static mesh component instead or is it fine being a skeletal mesh, or does it not matter?

I have tried creating sockets on each foot of the mannequin and attaching the skateboard to the actor that way but that didn’t seem to do anything at all and vice versa i added sockets to the bolts on the skateboard and attaching the mannequin actor onto those and granted the mannequin was on top of the board but was off by 90 degrees on the Z axis so he was not stood on it properly.

Is there anyone that could give me some insight on this?

First it does not matter if it’s a skeletal or a static mesh, it all depends on what you want the skateboard to be, if you want to attach it, a static mesh would work just fine, if you have a special animation for your skateboard mesh then you need a skeletal mesh.
Everything in video game is fake, you don’t have to attach the skateboard to each foot of the mannequin, just add the skateboard to blueprint, and attach it to the root bone of the skeleton, then position it correctly. Next you need the mannequin to play a skateboarding animation to match up with the skateboard underneath its feet

Right thanks for that, i think skeletal mesh would be the best option for me then as i want the skateboard to be able to tilt from side to side when turning and for it to be able to flip around etc, so i guess that means that i will have to animate the actor and the skateboard and have animations that go together for each trick.