What does 187,398 kib equal to in mb?
Searched on google and it says 187,398 mg?? Surely not?

im confused with the comma?

Like this ?

Well yes, but can that be true?
In this image it says 186,762, Is that really equal to around 191 MB?
Also where can i see the amount of memory a mesh with material is using at runtime?


any of these online converts usually show you the formula:

click an asset in the content browser and press alt+shift+m to see the size map.

Yes, 1024kb = 1mb
To check what assets are loaded and how much memory they’re taking I usually use this command in the output log, replace skeletalmesh with other class types.
You can see there all loaded skeletal meshes and some info on memory.
Obj List: class=skeletalmesh

You can also use one of the profilers to check memory, I’m not sure if Unreal insights has memory stats or maybe there’s a specific memory profiler you can use.