Single particle for full lifetime and orientation

Hey, I want to create a blaster bolt particle (think Star Wars). From what I’ve seen the best solution would be to use a single texture/sprite particle that just exists for the full lifetime of the particle system.
I’m not sure how to do that though, like what are the settings for the spawning?

Second problem, how can I have the particle point in the direction of the velocity? The particle system is a child of the blaster bolt projectile Blueprint, so it will move with the BP but not have any “own” velocity.

Hi Schlechtwetterfront -

For a bolt particle like you are looking to make I might recommend using a Beam Particle, see Tutorial here]( Unless you are trying to export to mobile that would be your best bet.

Thanks, it works well for most perspectives, except for the shooter’s. Any idea on how to give it a bit of “volume” when viewing it from the front/back? It’s quite obvious that it’s just a flat texture.