Single Line Trace by Channel with an imported model

Happy Saturday everyone!

I was recently following this new youtube tutorial on blueprint interfaces and single line trace : - YouTube

Basically just trying to get my character, when E is pressed, to make the urinal handle move. But as you can see below, the trace goes through the urinal:

Would this have something to do with the model not having collision or with my blueprint using Single Line Trace by Channel? (sorry, very new to UE4 blueprint terminology)

(player character blueprint)

Yeah the model should have a collision.
Have you tried checking the “trace complex” checkbox though? If I’m right that should allow the trace to be done on the actual mesh polygons… not sure though.

Yeah, trace complex uses the mesh polygons and can also return the physical material of that polygon if I’m not mistaken, amongst other things no doubt.

Guys, thanks so much, that worked perfectly. Also changed from single trace to single sphere for less of a ‘perfect accuracy’ to enable. Awesome!