Single frame rendering with path tracer

Hello there,

Very impressed by the path tracer performance, at least for the initial passes (long term convergence is not great but given the overal performance… it’s great).
I’m testing UE for Archviz rendering, but using the path tracer and only the path tracer.
I couldn’t find a way via the sequencer to render just one frame for N samples. The best I managed to do is a single frame that renders forever, but restarts every few seconds from scratch.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

You can use the high resolution screenshot tool to render a single frame, but you can’t render it any larger than the existing viewport, it won’t take the time for the image to clear so the image basically already has to be rendered.

Thank you darthviper107, but yes I know about the high resolution screenshot but that’s not what I’m after (resolution is uncertain and anyway too small).
If UE4 is serious about being used for archviz a step aside of full, navigatable realtime, I hope the path tracer will soon be able to render single frames for any number of samples/pixel (well 16384 is fine by me) and custom resolution.