Single camera for multiple pawns

Hey guys,

I am trying to figure out how to do a seamless camera transition between pawns in first person, so my scenario is this, I have a pawn with a first person camera and some arm skeleton mesh ( the first person template ), I then have another pawn which is a vehicle, what I want to achieve is a seamless transition between controlling the walking first person character and entering the vehicle while maintaining the first same first person camera and the skeleton arms mesh. The idea being that when you enter a vehicle the camera + arms mesh become a slave of the vehicle, the vehicle can then poke animation information onto the camera and the arms.

What I have tried at the moment is having a child actor on the playercontroller which contains the first person camera and the skeletal mesh and setting the camera with SetViewTarget() to the child actor, but this just doesnt seem to work, I can see the skeletal mesh at 0,0,0 but I am still using some sort of default camera, I am fairly new to Unreal 4 and only recently started trying to use it properly, so my questions are:

Can I have an external actor ( camera + skeletal mesh ) which lives on the playercontroller ( or somewhere else ) which the possessed pawn can poke values into so that becomes the one and only camera used?

I really want to have a constant first person view but leverage the pawn system to build vehicles that the player can control, is this feasible or should I look at a single pawn and build a custom controllable layer for each vehicle with rerouting of inputs through the first person pawn?

Thanks in advance!