Since tiled imports are broken, will this alternative work?

I opened a thread the other day about my tiled terrain being mangled, and quickly found out that it wasn’t entirely my fault, and that the functionality is broken at the moment.

It was suggested to me that I should use the Move Tool to move sections off into other levels - so here are my questions.

importing a large terrain has a limit of around 8km by 8km if importing in one piece, so what if I created mutliple 6km by 6km terrains in world machine, then imported them individually, then lined them up in the editor and moved each one into a different level so that I could use blueprints to load which ones I needed at the right times?

is loading 6km by 6km at a time still too much? would I need to break this down into smaller chunks again?

Is this approach even acceptable? lol

Is there anyone alive out there? :slight_smile:

I could but there have been various upgrade conversion issues mentioned on the forums.

I am wanting to know if my solution mentioned above will be okay, It will be quite a bit of work and I don’t want to go to the effort if its going to fail anyways.

This is not true anymore, latest versions of UE (>4.6.1) the limit has been increased you can now import terrains around 20km by 20km…