Since 4.14 Actor falls through elevators

Hi all,

my Project was made with 4.10. But since a accident i have to convert it to 4.14.
Now if i step on my Elevators and use them, my character falls through or jittering on the Elevator.

In 4.10 the Elevators worked well and i had no Problems. I changed nothing on it. I tryed
all what i found on Google, but nothing helped.

The Elevator is a simple Cube with collison on and it is moved by a timeline. Even if i move
the Elevator extrem slow the actor does not move “with” the Elevator.

I tryed Matinee, Sequence, blueprint, nothing is working.

What can i do?


Now the Problem is gone. I don’t know why. I did nothing. This is strange. I think the post can be closed.