Simulation problem in PHAT if bone is marked as kinematic


I didn’t remember such issue in UE3. When one of a bone of ragdoll is marked as kinematic simulation is completely broken. I’m able to reproduce this issue in 4.4.3 ShooterGame example:

  1. Download 4.4.3 engine version
  2. Download ShooterGame for 4.4
  3. Open PhysicsAsset’/Game/Characters/HeroTPP/HeroTPP_Physics.HeroTPP_Physics’ in the PHAT editor
  4. Mark for example b_Spine1 as kinematic
  5. Start simulation and observe the issue

Only ‘hips’ bone marked as kinematic works as expected:)



This is likely caused by this issue/bug: Skeletal mesh: Kinematic and simulated coordinate systems mismatch (off by 90') - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

Dunno, may it be, but We will wait for EPIC response.

Hi, I checked this issue in 4.6 and it works better than in 4.4.3 but problem still persist for certain bones:

  • b_Hips, ok
  • b_Spine,ok
  • b_Spine1, almost ok, but for some reason the ragdoll is dragged by b_Spine1 body under the ground
  • b_head, almost the same case as b_Spine1 but the ragdoll is falling forward
  • b_LeftUpLeg, woohoo the ragdoll is rotating around hips
  • b_RightFoor, broken the ragdoll is dragged under the floor

When body is marked as kinematic, it should stay where it was before simulation. Why am i even reporting this? I think if it reveals here it may reveal somewhere else.