Simulating Physic on Mesh with Motion Controller

I’m experiencing an issue with a sphere mesh not moving when pointed at with a motion controller. If the sphere mesh starts off with no simulated physic it can be successfully picked up once, but once it gets dropped (physic turns on) it can not be picked up again.

Expected results: What I’m trying to have happen is allowing the user to pick up the sphere mesh with the motion controller and wave it around until they let go at which point it will fall back to the ground. The user should be able to repeat the process over and over.

Actual results: The mesh falls back to the ground but can not be picked up again.

Bug steps:

  1. Sphere starts off with physics not simulated, suspended in mid air. The motion controller grabs the sphere and starts to move it around (working as intended).
  2. Motion controller lets go of the sphere and the physics is turned on causing the sphere to drop to the ground and start rolling.
  3. Motion controller attempts to grab the sphere again causing the sphere to stop rolling, however the sphere does not move with the motion controller.
  4. Motion controller lets go of the sphere and it remains in the same position.

Pictures of the sphere code and pickup/drop code below.