Simulating listening to Headphones Audio Help!

Hi All

My first post here, it looks like an amazing community which has been very helpful to me so far…so thanks!

I’m a sound designer by trade, and am currently working on an Unreal Vive build that requires you to pickup a set of headphones, and hold them to either ear, with the audio playing back getting louder. I’m working with FMOD, and have set all my distance/eq paramaters fine. I can pick up and manipulate them fine, it gets louder etc. My problem is the following:

When i hold the headphone actor directly in front of me, it is at its loudest point (distance 0 in FMOD) - however, i actually want the loudest point to be when its right next to my (virtual) ear - as i bring it to my ear, it gets quieter again (as its moving away from 0 point). Is there a way to get around this, ideally having either Left and Right ears the closest point to me?

I hope this all makes sense - i am fairly competent in doing audio in Unreal, but this is my first VR project, which is raising a few extra ‘challenges’!


Still struggling with this! any thoughts appreciated


Off the top off my head:

  1. Put two scene components on your character, at the location of the left and right ear.
  2. For each ear:
  3. Calculate the distance from the sound source to the ear.
  4. Manually set the sound volume based on the distance.
  5. Play a mono sound in the corresponding channel.

This should give you a rough approximation of the sound volume for each ear. To. Make it even better you could try adding a sphere for the skull, tracing from source to ear and dampen the sound based on how much the path is blocked.

Thank you for the response. I will have a play with the scene components tomorrow and see if I can work anything out.

I’ll update this tomorrow in case anyone else is interested. Thanks again!