Simulated Mirror

Howdy again, I Googled a bit and if I understand correctly, this is difficult to do in the UDK. I was curious if anything changed with Unreal 4.

Method. I want to have a material broadcast what a camera is ‘seeing’. Essentially, I want to make a perfect mirror.

Can anyone advise?

You can make a surface semi reflective just by fiddling with the Roughness and metallic i believe, but if you don’t get the results you’re after with just that then i suggest a screenCapture2d, check out how the CCTV cameras work in the Blueprints Example(office), it demonstrates how to have a blueprint basically have a “camera” and another object to project what it’s seeing.

Hey thanks! Yeah, the mirror trick with reflective surfaces is neat, but not perfect. That example should cover what I need. I will post a quick tutorial here once I dissect that example.

Did you succed with this? I’m also trying to create a real mirror. Hooking up the Screen Capture 2D to a surface was no problem, but this does not provide mirror behavior. I guess the Screen Capture or the UV coordinates need to be updated accordingly, but how to do it?

Can you provide a screenshot?

Well, the problem isn’t really visible in a screenshot. What I have looks like a CCTV screen, but in a real mirror the content changes when the observer moves. Also, the displayed part of the scene is only approximate. Capturing dynamic scene changes is no problem, though:

I get what you mean.

The only way I can think about getting around this using the camera method would be to have the camera rotate depending on the location of the player. So if the player moves to the left side of the mirror, the camera pans left. As the player strafes to their right, the camera slowly pans right (it’s right, not the players).

I have no idea how to do this though :frowning: