Simulated bones stays in place sometimes

Hello! Im having a bit of trouble with simulating physics on my characters.

Ive set up the physics on the bones and simulate them during runtime, but sometimes these simulated bones gets stuck in the air and the mesh starts stretching as i run away with the rest of tve body. I can reset this by crouching which changes the collision capsule, which makes me think the problem lies in there somewhere but i have not been able to solve it yet.

Any insight is welcome, thanks!

SO it turns out Unreal5 puts physics objects not interacting to sleep after a while (or something like that) so in order to fix this you have to tell UE5 to not do that. In order to do this you go into (Content/[gametype]/blueprints/BP_[gametype]_mode) and go into the event graph, create an “Event begin play” and connect that to an “Execute console command” node and then type p.Chaos.Solver.SleepEnabled 0 in the box by the purple node. Compile this and now the command will run everytime you press play.

So far this has worked for me, i hope it works for everyone else too.