Simulated bone behavior and pawn hearing in 4.5

Pawn hearing does not work in 4.5; I thought it would be fixed in the hotfix, but I guess no one officially reported it as being broken.

Now the main thing that is causing my heart burn, can some one please confirm that simulated bones appear to have reversed momentum and behave erratically on contact with other parts of the pawn?

When I say reversed momentum, I mean that in 4.4 the bones would trail behind the character when they were moving forward, now they are trailing ahead of the character or may be glitching due to changes in the way collisions are done. I have also tried all of the damping and swing limit settings and I cannot get my bones to ‘calm down’, when they hit parts of the characters body they behave as if receiving an infinitely large impulse and go into angles that should not be possible based on the swing limits.

When I disable collisions on my character mesh so that the simulated bones can go through, they definitely trail towards the direction of movement.

Hi nabiul,

Please report these two bugs on the answerhub ( in the bug reports section as two separate posts so we can better assist you. Follow the guidelines here when reporting bugs on the answerhub: How do I report a bug? - UE4 AnswerHub