Simplygon License Required for Landscape LOD Generation in 4.11?

Hi all,

I’ve noticed something interesting in Unreal Engine 4.11’s world composition level details menus. It seems that Simplygon is somehow integrated with the terrain LOD system by default? My Generate button is available and works great even though I have not done any integration with Simplygon.

When hovering over the Generate button, the tooltip mentions “requires Simplygon” as per my screenshot. Does this mean I need a license to generate landscape LOD’s? I would really like to know if there is a licensing implication as I really don’t want to redo all my LOD’s - I’m doing a lot of these for my current game.

Please let me know if anyone has some insight into this!!! Thanks.


Is there no information on this? Surely someone knows or can at least point me to where I can find information on this.


Simplygon is only required to generate mesh proxy for static meshes in the sub-level. If you don’t have plugin installed this tool will discard all static meshes in the level and simplify only landscape.

Thanks ddvlost, I only need the landscape simplification, so it’s great that I can use that.