Simplygon cloud available. UE4 integration?

So Donya Labs have launched Simplygon Cloud which lets people use Simplygon for free up to a certain amount of models per month. More here
I couldn’t find much info about UE integration but I’ve heard before that Simplygon is integrated and usable as long as you have a license, does anyone have any more info on this?
I sent an email months ago to Donya about this but never heard back so they’re not really helping much.

  1. Create an account
  2. login
  3. goto “Profile”
  4. goto “Getting Started”
  5. download

That were the steps I took. I think I was pretty lucky for finding the download

Well, this doesn’t answer my question, but thanks for trying.
What I wanted to know about was how it’s integrated into UE4, not how to download their desktop client.

I have the answer to my own question now so i just figured I might share it in case someone else is interested.
The free accounts and the subscription does NOT include UE4 integration, that’s only available for those who set up a separate agreement, which is extremely costly.
So there is no love for smaller UE4 studios unfortunately.