SimpleWheeledVehicle tank spins out while driving

I am making a prototype of a physics based puzzle game and am having some trouble with the vehicle. I am attempting to make a differential drive vehicle like a tank, where all wheels on one side of the vehicle drive at the same speed and turning is achieved by driving the left and right sides at different speeds.

I am using the SimpleWheeledVehicleMovementComponent and applying torque to each wheel individually. Driving forward/reverse works fine, turning when stationary works fine. The issue I have is when you turn while you are moving forward the vehicle spins out instead of turning smoothly. Does anyone know why I am seeing this behavior?

As a new user, I am not allowed to attach files, I will upload video/pictures when I am allowed.

Sorry for the delay, here is the media I have to share:

Driving blueprint


You can see the value of the left and right torques in the top left of the video