Simple Vehicle AI that moves from A to B?

So, Im new to Unreal editing and not a programmer by any means (Im a graphic designer) , but I have been tasked with creating a seemingly simple scenario with UE 5 where when I press play, a vehicle drives from point A to point B. I thought this would be simple with the blueprints, but it is proving to be more difficult than I initially realized.

I found some good tutorials on how to create a vehicle that I could drive on the map and that was fairly easy. However, there are very few tutorials online about how to create a vehicle AI and program it to go to a set location in a straight line (seems like a simple task)… The few that Ive found dont seem to work for me even though Im following step by step.

Can anybody point me to a tutorial that can help me with this?

Hello NicksB,

I think this can be accomplished without implementing any ‘AI’ systems.

If you think you’ll never want the vehicles to move in shapes other than a straight line: Look into ‘Lerp (Vector)’

For curves, I’d check out moving things along a spline. Unofficial Spline Movement Tutorial Video

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