Simple ship propulsion FX

Just playing around with an asset =] The particle systems are synced up to a blueprint using timeline to determine the on/off timings. This is using the default post-processing effects. I wanted to depict more energy than pure fire. In turn, I tried to make it more viscous looking. Mainly just for funsies :slight_smile:

This is the slowed version:

The normal version is here:
The forums only lets me embed 1 video at a time.

Looks niiice :smiley:
I like the sputtering sparks, like it’s still burning plasma.

I will give some feedback, It’s a nice idea overall and everything. What really broke the illusion was the texture you used. It was way too small and some times it was cutting of from the rest of the effect, The whole effect overall as an idea was really good.

I would turn the main flame into GPU accelerated and spawns some more (but that would be overdraw) OR i would stretch them a bit and animate the actual texture in mat editor.

Hope i was helpful to you.

That actually looks very nice, I like it. =)

Which texture? The spark texture? If so, I agree. It isn’t really very effective. Also need to refine the refraction texture…but glad no one noticed that so far =]

They’re actually GPU driven, but starting to get into too much overdraw. I’m already at a few too many instruction counts in the shader complexity view for certain parts. However, I could play around with the timing and some stretching. Maybe make the macroUV effect more pronounced c:

ALSO, if anyone wants GPU based particles with dynamic parameter support, pipe your particle color in instead and determine the color in the material instance. I should also explore that black body node at some point…but I’ll get there :slight_smile:

Will be waiting for more then.

Fantastic work mate.