Simple Question: Offset Texture


I would like to create a material of two textures as below:-

Above, it contains two separate texture - the red frame texture is simple. But how do I place the blue texture so that it starts from 0.5 of v coordinate (uv)? I know it is simple, but I have just started playing around with material and cannot figure this out.

Lets just say I cannot assume to know the height of both textures, and I cannot be expected to make height of both textures equal.


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Thanks a bunch… I never thought it has to come to using if branch…

it doesn’t. if you just want to blend between 2 textures based on a UV-based cutoff value you can use the respective channel of the UVs, subtract the value you want and ceil the result to use as alpha in a lerp.
when i first read your question i thought you want to have one texture at the top and another at the bottom and scale them in height based on a certain UV value to always show the full textures, just squashed.