Simple multiplayer different characters

I cannot seem to be able to differentiate between the looks of the players in multiplayer.

Using replication and SwitchHasAuthority I managed to achieve pretty much the whole functionality of what I need in multiplayer.

However, I cannot seem to be able to make the 2 players different. I don’t really know how to approach this, any suggestions?

Material Instance, that will change color be the Index of the player?

How do I find the Index of a player?

And for 2 players (no dedicated server, just a client and a server, which is all I need) is this any different from using SwitchHasAuthority?

So after checking it turns out that the Index of the player is only relevant when multiple controllers are used on the same machine, not for a server-client setup. The Index is going to be 0 for everyone in that case…

Still, what I want is to have different meshes or even materials for the server and for the client.