Simple Move doesn't work for spawned pawns, but AI MoveTo does?

Alright, so I have a straightforward enemy character with a floating pawn movement component. The behavior tree uses a custom BTT that just has a simple Move To Location, which I like because it can be easily interrupted.

This works fine for any pawn that I place in the level. However, when I try to spawn the pawns they aren’t able to move. I verified with the AI debugger that the pawn is possessed, the BTT is being called, and the Nav Mesh is being used, but the pawn itself isn’t budging.

After some digging, I found that if I change the simple Move To Location to an AI MoveTo, everything works fine for both placed and spawned pawns. So it seems to only be a problem with the Move To node?

I can work with this, but I’m left kinda scratching my head as to why this would be the case. Can anyone shed some light on this?