Simple lighting without any effects

Hi everyone! Im looking a solution for creating an ambient light, like in Game Dev Tycoon game. I dont need any shadows and other lighting stuff. Just want to achieve a simple colors. How can I do that?

I`ve picked a screenshot - this is the ambient light I vant to achieve.


I’m sure a Skylight with a flat colour, or maybe a Y gradient so there’s no light below the horizon, would work. Then bake it down. Essentially it’s an Ambient Occlusion or you can tweak it to not do the shadowing.
Looks like there’s a directional shadow - so you could balance the two lights to make it flat.
Another point is that only furniture or static geo is casting a shadow and not the characters/dynamic geo - you have the ability to do that too.

Matt Hermans

Thanks for the reply, I understand that I need to use a SkyLight, but I dont know how to set it up. I dont have much experience with lights so I`m completelly stocked with settings:(

The image you show suggests that all of that stuff is drawn, so its actually not real 3d geometry that is being lit.

What you can do to emulate that look in 3d is to basically have no lighting at all, but instead use all unlit materials that have their textures put into the emissive slot. That way you can get very close to that look and all shading needs to be painted into the textures.

Hope this helps! And if you want to learn a bit about lighting, check my sig :wink: