Simple game EULA; Using default UE4 manequin

Hi all,
I would like to ask about example language (Availible here).

Is it sufficient to use this document as game EULA, use project name as [Product] and my name as [Licensor]?
If so, I also found unclear, what to use instead of [Agreement].

Second thing is, if it is legal to use default UE maneuin in released game (manequin with UE logo on chesst).

P.S.: Games I want to release are just “Hello world” projects i would like to put on my web page.
P.P.S.: I wrote to support, but directed to L&L forum.

Thanks for answers and have a nice day

Yes, you could use the example language as you suggest. You could just use the term Agreement.

You can use the default mannequin.