Simple connexion to mysql database


I am a teacher for 10 years old kids (french), 45 years old, two kids. I wanted start by making a simple banck accout with widget in the first place. Later, i will need more access to a private database so i want to :

  • make a login/user/password simple, by accessing a database, since i am planning to lunch my app on my website (html5).
  • Beein able to let kid pay/transfert money and receive paycheck (all by widget that i can now program/design.
  • Later, il will build a calculation machine for them to improve their speed and accuracy… Hopfeully, they will be able to fight against eachother. This app will learn form the learner in order to better assist their learning. So multiplayer is in the scope. I think i can acheive that by the database entry too…
  • Having a grade program (i have past more then 800 hours on building a ExcelFile, now i know what i want the app to do). Since Unreal can be publish on all platform, this make it a very good starting point.

Now, after installing app for mysql that crash all the time unreal, i don’t undersant REST even if it seem to be more secure, and i can’t find the documentation where it speak about connecting Unreal to a database or mysql, i must admit, i don’t know what to do anymore.

Any advice? Your help will help the kid in my classroom directly :). I am planning a budget to in order to support your help :).

Thank in advance
Stephane, from Montréal, Québec, Canada