Simple Camera movement through scene for Oculus Demo

Hi everyone. First time posting here as I can normally find tutorials for things by searching and youtube etc but can’t fund much about this, probably because it’s to easy (im pretty new to UE4)

I just want to find out the procedure of animating a camera path through a scene. If any of you have seen the ‘Welcome to Oculus’ demo for VR then thats what I’m after. A ‘Sit Down’ experience where the camera moves through a building and the user has head movement using the Rift from that position only. I’ve found this the most comfortable way for new users and want to try one for an archviz project. In things like cinema 4D i would do this with splines and a camera. Is it similar in UE4?

Any point in the right direction greatly appreciated!


Karl D


For animation camera you can use Matinee. Look this tutorial.

Thanks for the reply, although i dont think that’s quite what im after. I’m trying to find out how to simply move the player though a level/building so that they are locked into the sitting position on a chair, they will then me able to look around in the oculus rift but wont be able to move around the rest of the level freely. This technique seems to be used in lots of rift demos and helps avoid motion sickness etc when you get new users, sometimes running around with a xbox 360 controller spins your head out a bit so doing it this way is a bit safer.

I’m guessing i’d have to animate a chair object around the level and have the player camera tied to that somehow? Any points in the right direction appreciated.


Hey chalkgsy-

Here is a roller coaster project that Teddy0 created that I believe has the functionality you’re looking for (player can look around with the Oculus but the camera position is locked):

It appears that he has made his roller coaster available as a plug-in that should help get you started in your project.