Simple Attach problem, trying to attach actor to my arms socket

Doing everything I read on other posts, here is the screen shot, My blueprint actor is just not attaching to the socket, its just going on the floor by my feet , attached as I walk around. Socket name is copy and pasted and the preview works so its availible. Thanks in advance!

Does it at least move relative to the socket? Like if the arm were to rotate upwards independent of the rest of the body, does the attached actor rotate as well?

Does the actor you’re attaching maybe have physics enabled? If so, it’s going to always fall down. Would also be worthwhile to check that you’ve disabled the collisions between your character and the object, which might cause it to act strangely.

Yes it moves on the ground wherever i go, including my Yaw, but doesnt do anything when i move my arms pitch, still lays on the floor. My actor is a blueprint I made with 2 static mesh components. looking at the static meshes seperately themselves they dont have collision enabled. How can i check to see if the collisions between my character and an object are enabled or not? cheers guys thanks for the help

with that last post, it seems that it is attaching to my root bone, on the floor, and the problem might be in the socket somehow

ANSWERED* Rama pointed out to me I was getting the wrong mesh, I was getting the *GET MESH from the rightclick options, which returns the 3rdperson mesh, which doesnt exist in a fps template. I dragged the 1p mesh from the components and it worked. Thanks all!