Simple AI Problem Help?

Hey guys,
I started learning Unreal about a week ago with no prior coding experience, so I’m probably asking a bit of a foolish question, but can anyone tell me why this cast isn’t working? I’m trying to set up two AIs, one which wanders and the other which chases, and for the chaser I’ve been having plenty of problems. If anybody has any specific insight, that’d be very appreciated. AIPerception is enabled, and the wanderer has been designated as a sight stimuli source.
Thank you in advance!

Thanks for the tips! After some tweaking, I got it running pretty nicely actually, but I’m now running into a new problem: the chasers are recognizing EVERYTHING as something to chase, which isn’t really a bad thing in itself as it means they’re also chasing me, but when two chasers go after the same wanderer, they often just start chasing each other instead. Anybody know of a way I can get them to ignore each other/only go after designated targets?