Signnig an app for distribution in 4.7


Does anyone have a complete and up to date guide how to sign an apk in 4.7?

The stuff that I have found so far seems outadted…

This seems to work quite perfect, if anyone will search for the solution in the future:

Actually the SigningConfig.xml is no longer used in UE4.7 - you simply fill in the signing apk fields in the android package settings (after you’ve created a key of course). Make sure to select Distribution from the package settings as well to sign for shipping

Yeah, I know that, it’s just that I really did need some rest back then, and think I wasn’t precise enough as I was reffering to the key creation part. Once you acctually find the up to date instructions it’s all easy, the guide that is in the sticky thread above in the forums is also ok. Sometimes all you need is a reset :wink:

I had no problem following the Wiki instructions.

  1. create a keystore in the Build/Android subdirectory
  2. enter the keystore password, keystore file name, and key name (alias) in the fields in the project settings
  3. File -> build for production

Works great for me! What errors are you seeing?

Thanks for the interest but as I have written before I already figured it out. The whole problem was down to lack of documentation and some outdated sources online. Mix that with some missing sleep and you get a perfect chaos :).

But it’s all working like a charm now.