Signal 11 caught!

Dear Unreal Engine forum,

after configuring my test project for the Google Play services platform (Google Play Support is NOT enabled and Games App ID is left blank) and adding an AdMob Ad Unit Id (the one dedicated for testing) the project tends to crash with a “Signal 11 caught!” message. The project was created using the Blueprint blank template without starter content, there is only a single map set as the “Game Default Map” which is the “Default” map. In the level blueprint in event BeginPlay I call Show Ad Banner(0, true).

The following steps cause the app to crash fairly reliably:

  1. start the app
  2. wait on the splash screen until the level is loaded and visible
  3. press the power button (to send the device to “sleep” or whatever it’s called) BEFORE the ad banner finishes loading and shows up
  4. press the power button again (to wake up the device)
  5. unlock the device if necessary
  6. the game should now become focused again automatically (if not try to switch to it manually)
  7. view a frozen screen/“crash to desktop” and notice “Signal 11 caught!” in logcat

Tested using 4.11.0 built from GitHub source on my ODYS Lux 10 tablet with Android 5.0 [Lollipop], 1.3GHz Quad Core, Mali-450 MP, 1 GB, 10.1". The project was fully packaged for ETC1 as a Development build and installed using the batch file.
Also tested on two other devices that work fine (don’t quite remember which ones but I believe Samsung Galaxy Tab3 7.0 and Motorola Moto G).

So it seems reasonable that it’s something wrong with my device. Is there a way to find out what exactly causes this and what I can do about it?

Thank you for any help. I can upload the apk/obb for both versions (with/without ad banner) if required.

Do you have a crash log? I expect the crash is in the Mali driver, possibly calling a libc function. Checking for an Android update to get a new driver may correct this.

I have noticed different behaviour now. When returning to the game in step 6, sometimes it just works (neither crash nor freeze), sometimes the app freezes (app not responding) and is then closed by the system (but the ad is displayed correctly for a short time) or it just “crashes to desktop” right away. While capturing the logs it mostly seemed to either work or freeze but not crash. While it was almost guaranteed to crash earlier.

I have captured a logfile for all three scenarios and zipped them up. Unfortunately they are still too large to be attached so here is a Dropbox link instead:

It does not look like the manufacturer is providing any updates for my device and I am currently not willing to go other routes just for that in which case I can live with the crash/freeze since it seems to affect only some devices.

Thanks again for taking a look.